The seven shareholders

Each member has specific skills and up to date technologies in their field of reference


Consultancy in the field of Information Technology, Engineering and Process & Organization.

AIZOON practices represent the aggregation of the best company competences in the field of Information Technology, Engineering and Process & Organization; clients are supported in their growth by providing skilled and experienced technology specialists with excellent professional and personal profile. AIZOON has developed specific offers for Rail and Road transportation products and infrastructures.


Valves, pipelines, complex mechanical parts for hydropower, oil and gas, wind turbines.

Thanks to the research applied to manufacturing processes and welding technologies, ATB Riva Calzoni has achieved excellent results at worldwide levels in the contruction of reactors and of thick wall pressure vessels for Oil & Gas, refining and petrochemical industries as well as mechanical equipment for hydroelectric project and components for nuclear power plants.


Power transmission equipment, ticketing, payment systems, signaling equipment, micro electric cars, micro wind turbines.

DUCATI Energia Group engages a staff list of about 700 employees, working in its 6 worlwide plants. The mail fields of activity are capacitors, power factor correction and power electronics, wind power generators, alternators, electrical vehicles and charging stations, energy analysers, electric network tele-control systems, railway signalling systems, toll payment and safety equipment for metro and railways.


Railway equipments and traction line.

GCF is now considered Italy's leader in the railway, track and catenary renewal and tramline maintenance sectors. Design, construction, maintenance and renewal of superstructures, applied to Electric Traction and Signalling of railway, tram and underground lines, are the main activities in which it is envolved.
GCF is also leader in the production of switches of any kind of lenght and tangent.


Sleepers and bearers for the railway track.

Concrete sleepers for conventional and High Speed Railway Lines, concrete bearers for switches and crossings, innovative concrete sleepers with USP (Under Sleeper Pad) for tunnels, special concrete sleepers for rail joints (Rail Joint Bearing Sleeper) for housing wires and devices of track signalling systems, wooden sleepers and bearers treated with special eco-friendly impregnation. All these products and other ones developed by Margaritelli Ferroviaria to meet the requirements of the main Railway Companies, together with logistic and transportation solutions that enable reliable and punctual deliveries, are the fundamental assets of the offer provided today by Margaritelli Ferroviaria on the International Railway Markets.


Design integration and project management for infrastructure, environment, oil & gas energy.

PROGER supplies engineering and management services in a wide range of fields of civil and industrial engineering. It designs and manages major project with an interdisciplinary and global approach, integrating specialised skills and proven experience, provifding engineering and management services for all the phases of a project's life cycle: feasibility, master planning, financing, design, contruction and management.


Upgrading, revamping and/or complete assembling of rolling stock.

SITAV's customers are currently the leading railway vehicle construction companies and the main railway tranpsort companies. The core sector activities are: upgrading, revamping and/or complete assembling of rolling stock, in particular of electric equipment, pneumatic equipment, air conditioning and heating systems, power packs, driver desks, sound systems, safety systems and communciation earth-train, handling of slopes, toilets and new interiors on railway and subway vehicles and streetcars.


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